Welcome to the world of punk
The punk world is an open exploration world based on the blockchain network. Players can explore, hunt for treasures, mine and build their own homes in the punk world.
The punk world is composed of 10000DPUNK and 10000*10000 land, here will gather NFT residents from different worlds
The punk world currently belongs to Genesis. Every piece of land needs residents to explore, cultivate, and build into a colorful pattern of grass, desert, ice and snow, and diamonds.
DPUNKER is the first group of aborigines in the punk world, and DPUNK will be responsible for the creation and transformation of the punk world.
Each DPUNK will be randomly born in a certain corner of the punk world, and can explore the land around it for treasure hunting. Treasure hunting can obtain a variety of plot decorations, upgrade materials, Token rewards, etc.
Each DPUNKER will interact with the behavior of the holder on the chain, and map the user's behavior to the meta-universe world of PunkWorld, truly connecting the real world and the virtual world. For example, users have a lot of transactions on swap. In the metaverse world of PunkWorld, fragments of the treasury will be accumulated. When a certain amount of fragments are collected, a treasury can be created on the land owned by PunkWorld and can finally be upgraded to one. National Bank. If players frequently interact with NFT games, they will receive technological fragments, can build large-scale e-sports cities, and hold e-sports leagues in the metaverse world.
In such a way, as long as the player interacts on the chain, he will get the corresponding items in the PunkWorld world, and eventually the city will be gradually improved and supplemented by the player. Form a huge metaverse world.
DPUNK can occupy the land being explored and use decorations to upgrade the land. The higher the level of the land, the higher the mining power obtained.
In addition to exploring the land to be developed, DPUNK can also explore other DPUNK lands, and the higher the level of other DPUNK land decorations, the higher the rewards for treasure hunting, and the explored land owners will also get corresponding rewards.
When all land is reclaimed, a new era will begin
DPUNKER, hurry up and build your punk world!
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